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27 Ulster Avenue, Ipswich IP1 5JS
Telephone 01473 806131

51 Queensway, Ipswich IP3 9EX
Telephone 01473 517856

203 Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich IP4 5DB
Telephone 01473 325734

101 High Street, Hadleigh IP7 5EJ
Telephone 01473 823886

Coffins & Caskets

Please find below a small selection from the full range of caskets and coffins available.

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Natural Woven Coffins

From £350

Colourful Coffins


Veneered Coffins

Solid Wood Coffins

Solid Wooden Caskets

The Coffin Cover

What is a Coffin Cover arrangement?


The Coffin Cover is effectively an external protective shell that provides a dignified means of transport for the simple coffin inside.

The Coffin Cover is a handmade veneered casket, shaped to provide a distinctive traditional appearance that will lend presence and dignity to any funeral. Concealed discreetly inside is a separate internal coffin that is lined to provide peace of mind to those who would want to spend time viewing the deceased.

The simple internal coffin is made of an environmentally friendly material such as cardboard or recycled composite material. It is this internal coffin that is removed from the outer Coffin Cover and cremated following the funeral service at the crematorium.

The outer Coffin Cover never comes into direct contact with the deceased and can be re-used on other occasions.

There is only a charge for the simple internal coffin.