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Price List

1. All administration and communication with you, “our family” taking all instructions and liaising with third parties to include Ministers/Celebrants, Cemeteries, Crematoriums, Doctors, Hospitals and HM Coroner. Safe handling of legal documents and forwarding to correct authorities. Twenty-four hour contact with us, your local funeral director (not a call centre hundreds of miles away). Bereavement support and guidance, before during and following the service.


2. Removal of your loved one into our care within a fifty mile radius form Ipswich, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Some of our competitors have different charges for when your loved one passes away for instance after 5.00pm, during the weekend and bank holidays, we see this as so wrong.


3. Supply of black motor hearse, traditionally used to convey your loved one to final place of rest. (We do have a list of alternative hearses and if you don’t require a hearse, there is no law that states you must have one then we can use our estate car.) The hearse can proceed from a family home.


4. Provision of sufficient bearers to carry your loved one, four is the normal requirement but at times due to health and safety reasons, six or even eight may be required. We may at times decide to use a wheeled bier if the ground is uneven.
If we do require more than four bearers we will advise you.


5. Traditionally dressed funeral director to proceed the service, this can be male or female and if formal attire is not needed myself and staff will dress accordingly to your wishes.


6. Care and preparation of your loved one, provision of on site refrigerated facilities (your loved one will remain with us until the day of the service and not transferred to a Industrial estate) provision of modern and tasteful chapel of rest allowing for family and friends visitation. Taking your instructions on how your loved one is to be dressed.


Total cost for our professional services £1,900.00

*** Please note if any of our professional services are not needed you will not be charged for them and we will remove them from the final bill.

Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is a no service, no attendance and no frills option, it really is just that.

We will arrange a meeting with the family which could be in person or over the telephone, complete all the relevant documentation and forward these on your behalf.

We will bring your loved one into our care and provide a suitable coffin, we will convey your loved one to Ipswich crematorium quite possibly in the early morning or late afternoon in a funeral-related vehicle which could be a hearse or an estate car.

The cremated remains are available normally within twenty-four to forty-eight hours and, if needed , we can collect and return these to you if at a local address.

Cost for a direct cremation £1,597.00

All-Inclusive Uncomplicated Cremation with Limousine and Flowers

This service covers everything you need for cremation at either Ipswich or Seven Hills crematorium.

It includes all the funeral director’s professional fees, the crematorium fees, the celebrant or ministers fees, a choice of coffin, and doctor’s fees.

25 printed Orders of Service and a Condolence Book are also provided.

There are no time restrictions and therefore the time and date of the service can be chosen by you, the hearse can travel via a specified route, for instance via your home or the home of your loved one.

Limousine or Jaguar saloon car.

Cost for all-inclusive, uncomplicated cremation £3,695.00

The Casket Funeral

This idea comes from the often heard phrase “Put me in a cardboard box and be done with it!”

This is a very straight forward service – a cardboard coffin is concealed inside what looks like a very expensive casket.  At the crematorium the same procedure for a normal coffin will be carried out and the family and mourners can if required carry the casket and proceed with the service.

At the end of the funeral the curtains will close and when all family and mourners have left, the casket will disappear from view. Behind the scenes the casket folds away and the cardboard coffin is cremated as normal.

Cost for a casket funeral £300.00


All funeral directors are legally required to publish this price list for a standardised set of products and services. This is to help you think through your options and make choices and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors. (Because prices can vary.)

ATTENDEND FUNERAL (funeral directors charges only) Total £ 1,900.00

This is a funeral where family and friends have a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person at the same time as they attend their cremation or burial.
*Taking care of all the necessary legal and administration arrangements. £730.00
*Collection of the deceased person from place of passing (within 20 miles of any of our locations) into our care. £245.00
*Care and preparation of the deceased person before the funeral in our appropriate facilities. The deceased will be kept at the same funeral director’s premises. £240.00
*Provision of a suitable coffin, we offer you several coffins to select from, all are made from veneered oak and can be light or dark in colour and are the same price. £130.00
*Viewing of the deceased for family or friends, by appointment with the funeral director. (Where viewing is requested by the customer.) £Nil
*At a time and date, you agree with the funeral director, taking the deceased person direct to the agreed crematorium or cemetery (normally between of one of our locations) in a hearse or other appropriate vehicle. £505.00


This is a funeral where family and friends may choose to hold a ceremony, event or service for the deceased person, but they do not attend the cremation or burial.

Burial (funeral directors charges only) £1,495.00

Cremation (funeral directors charges plus the crematoriums fee.) £1,597.00


For an attended or unattended burial funeral, the burial fee is £748.00 – £2,050.00
In this local area, the typical cost of the burial for a local resident is £1,250.00
For a new grave, you will need to pay for the plot, for an existing grave with a memorial in place, you may need to pay a removal or replacement fee, in addition, the cemetery may charge several other fees.
For an attended or unattended cremation funeral, the cremation fee is £540.00 – £999.00
In this local area, the typical cost of a cremation for a local resident is £540.00
Please do discus any specific religious, belief based and/or cultural requirements that you have with your selected funeral director.


This funeral director may be able to supply a range of optional, additional products and services, or to arrange (on your behalf) for a third party to supply them.
Examples are to include:
Additional mileage (price is per mile) £1.25 each way
Additional transfers of the deceased person (e.g to their home, to a place of worship etc.) price is per transfer. £ Price on request
Collection and delivery of cremated remains £Nil if local
Embalming £ 100.00 – £190.00
Funeral officiant (e.g. Celebrant, Minister of religion etc.) £165.00 – £230.00
Services supplied outside of hours £ Price on request

The funeral director can give you a full list of what they can supply. They are likely to charge for these additional products and services, so you may choose to take care of some arrangements without their involvement, or you can use a different supplier.



Inclusive of our professional charges in making the funeral arrangements £1,900.00
Collection of deceased within 20 miles (plus 3rd party fees)
Care of deceased
Chapel visits by appointment
Provision of a hearse
Funeral Director and sufficient bearers on the day of the service
Administration of charitable donations
Provision of online obituary
Provision of a coffin (see brochure for examples and prices)
Veneered From £110.00
Solid From £550.00
Natural From £550.00
Supply of 1 x limousine used to convey up to mourners and return £185.00
Provision of a solid wooden ashes casket From £80.00
Provision of scatter tubes for cremated remains From £20.00 to £40.00
Coffin into Church or family overnight £300.00
Preparing and attending ashes plot for interment £125.00
Catering (we can assist with catering for private reception at home) From £7.00 per head
Provision of horse drawn hearse (2 x black horses) £950.00
Provision of horse drawn hearse (2 x white/grey horses) £1,100.00
Provision of a temporary solid wooden grave marker with laser name engraving £40.00


This service is for a family who do not wish to attend a funeral service, you will still obtain the full professional service from us and we offer the facility to spend time with your loved one in our chapel of rest. We will keep you updated on the date and time of the cremation. £1,597.00

Full payment for the direct cremation is to be made prior to the cremation taking place.


Minister/ Vicar or Celebrant fee From £180 to £230.00
Funeral service in Church followed by cremation From £330.00
Funeral service in Church followed by burial From £650.00
Doctors fees for cremation paperwork £82.00
Obituary notice in local newspaper From £120.00
Obituary notice in national newspaper Approximately £600.00
Grave preparation From £400.00
Dove release (1 x white dove) £45.00


G M Taylor Independent Funeral Directors is owned and managed by Gregory Michael Taylor. G M Taylor Independent Funeral Directors is a sole trader and not a limited company.

  • There is no business or material financial interest in a price comparison website.
  • There has been no material charitable donation to a third party.
  • There has been no charitable contribution or payment of gratuity to a third party.
  • There has been no material form of payment to a third party that does not relate to a cost incurred or a service provided by a third party on behalf of or to G M Taylor Independent Funeral Directors.


The funeral account will be sent 7 days following the funeral. This will be due for full payment within 28 days from the date on the Invoice, unless otherwise in agreement with us in person. A deposit of £1,000 for cremation or £2,000 for a burial in a new plot is required before the funeral takes place.

Direct Cremation. The cost is required in full before the funeral takes place.

We will charge interest on all unpaid funeral accounts if not paid by the due date:

  • At a rate of 4% over our banks base rate from time to time in force.
  • Calculated (on a daily basis) from the date of our account until full payment.
  • Compounded on the first day of each month, and
  • Before and after any judgment (unless a Court orders otherwise).

We will recover (under Clause 3) the cost of taking legal action to make you pay.